The sideways organ

8 replies to “The sideways organ”

  1. Steve

    *laugh* Upright organ. Very nice!

    • Inky

      And no church organ can compete with it.

  2. Sheela

    A sideways Organ ?
    How on earth do you come up with an idea like that ?

    • Inky

      Uhh, I don't know...
      What I couldn't come up with, was a name, "sideways", overturned, tipped over, knocked over...

      • Sheela

        You could always call it Kevin ... or Bob.
        Yeah, that's it - Bob the Organ ! :D

        • Inky

          Bob the sideways church organ, okay.

  3. I was waiting for an "organ" joke XD
    I dig the return of mostaza and Sabina's shirt :P

    • Inky

      Oh, so I mention "organ" and dirty things come to mind...