The map

6 replies to “The map”

  1. Taiming

    First she kisses a good two shoes girl then she snoops though there stuff. shes a wild child. plus i think the angel girl will have the hots for Mar now lol.

  2. Weiser

    Now Mar: This is even more weird than the kiss before. And for what is she searching? And why?

    • Inky

      Mar is too curious, this is not her first time.
      She was originally asking herself what the deal with the wagon is, but I prefer to spare baloons as it may already be a bit overexplained.

  3. Steve

    Sneaky stuff, Mar! :D Things are a bit more complicated than I'd thought.

  4. Dragonrider

    Think Mar just found something that might put the angle and devil plus the rest of the loony tune circus on a nice vacation, 510 for B & E plus a few other assorted felonies. Je suis droit mon ami ?

  5. plymayer

    Looks like the plot thickens!