A writer out of the blue

Don't be so sure, mar.

9 replies to “A writer out of the blue”

  1. R.Coyne

    Sabina just doesn't care if she's clothed or not under any circumstances.

  2. sdeligar

    I like your comic is definitely unique from what you usually find on the net bu sometimes I feel like there's been parts that have been ripped out or skipped over.

    • Inky

      Yes, I think I sometimes do that and it has been pointed out. Thanks and sorry about that.

  3. Dragonrider

    Love the book title, Muy apropiado

  4. ah ah Mar, you're so naive :D
    That was funny

  5. Weiser

    Sabina ... topless to the beach, but dressed up into the pool? Is this already weird or simply desorganized?

    • Inky

      Yes, I know! But that will be corrected very soon.

  6. Steve

    *laugh* Sheesh, I should've known what the title of the book would be. :D

    • Inky

      It's a coincidence, really!