Embarrassing moment

7 replies to “Embarrassing moment”

  1. Damn, poor uncle XD

    • Inky

      Not a good start if you want to hire people!

  2. Sheela

    Oh man - That is hilarious ! :)

    But .. what are the chances of that happening at the precise moment that she's watching them ? One in a bazillion ?

    • Steve

      Chances? In a fun comic like this, 83%!

      • Sheela

        Offcourse, I should have known !!
        83% chance of it happening, it's so obvious! :D

    • Inky

      Unlikely, but still possible! The odds of getting a tie tangled up in a buckle are far more astronomical.

      • Sheela

        Are we talking about the odd in the comic or the real world now ? Because the odds of a tie getting tangled in .. well anything .. in a comic is pretty darn high!