Mar looks up the handyman

Hammer clip art found on the internet, free to use as far as I can tell.

13 replies to “Mar looks up the handyman”

  1. Goldenargo

    Wonderful story to break 100! I'll miss it when it ends but I hope you have a great new project :D

    • Inky

      And want to do 100 more continuing this story with new twists, or a totally different thing. Well, let's see what 2010 brings. Thanks!

  2. Nekronoth

    Well that sure put a twist to things, didn't it?

    • Inky

      Ahaha, for a bigger twist, the next page...

  3. Kio

    lol. kudo's for making this story hilariously entertaining and shocking.

    • Inky

      Your comment makes my day.

  4. Mar is ploting now, i like her :D

    • Inky

      Say hello to the new fearless Mar.

      • Serioulsy, the more your comic goes, the more i like her. More than Sabina i must admit...As her personality seems more complex and deep let's say. And i like how she's evolving.

  5. wooooo now this is killing me too! Awesome!

    well by my count is 2 mysteries down. The painter now this.

    What more we have there... I got re-read it all again.

    • Inky

      Thanks a lot man.

      The time it was taking me to get here was killing me. I am ending this chapter. I will not leave so many questions open in the next one.

  6. Spanky

    1 mystery down, how many more to go? This is like the show Lost only with more nudity. Fantastic!

    • Inky

      Thanks Spanky, I can't compare my cheap mysteries with Lost, but I'm glad you are liking this.