The fun ends

9 replies to “The fun ends”

  1. I hate when rain ruins the beach fun. -_-

    • Inky

      Being a highland dweller I only remember one day of rain at the beach ever.

  2. Nice atmosphere on those panels. Is the angle girl, the same girl they encounter on the beach?

    • Inky

      Yes, the chastity freak with the floating halo. She is nude here, which doesn't make a lot of sense.

  3. Alvis Hork

    I love how Sabina decided to tie up the side of her shirt, as if it weren't revealing enough before! I like your comic a lot.

    • Inky

      I am glad you like my comic and Sabina's tied shirt.

  4. epic fight in the 1st panel! good vs evil.... hey itseems the company chief made peace between them! (lucky guy)
    wow, the rain effect is great!
    I love also lights and shadows... the only note is that fire looks a bit like a cardboard, maybe it's 'cause of the outline.

    • Inky

      I know! The fire sucks, I rushed this one.

      I added smoke and made little fixes, but I need to make better fire next time.

      • yep now is a lot better!