The brother's T shirt

Some lucky guy found Sabina in his garden.

11 replies to “The brother's T shirt”

  1. Goldenargo

    Great comic just read it all up to this point, now I have something to follow ^^

    • Inky

      Thanks Goldenargo.

  2. "Oops!"
    ahah I guess his nose is bleeding XD
    great page!

    • Inky

      I'd have a hemorrhage if I found Sabina in my garden like that!

      Thanks Mala!

      • hemorrhage hahahaha!! I think if I found her I couldn't have a hemorrhage cause all my blood would concentrate itself in middle of my body XD

  3. The good ol' fashioned Sabina :D
    I love her face in the last panel.

    • Inky

      Exactly! Good old Sabina. Glad you know her so well.

      • I read every strips of yours, i'm kinda used to :D

        • me too ^^
          "Error: Your comment is too short. Please try to say something useful."

          • Inky

            I'm sorry Mala, I think I'll deactivate the minimum comment length.

            But thanks anyway for following my comic.

        • Inky

          Thanks! This comic has such a ridiculous readership that my few regulars are very appreciated.