The boring beach

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  1. Wow her halo seems to really float in the air. Well, with the sword that's a frightening character :p

    • Inky

      Ah, you noticed that detail (in the first panel the dialog ballon covers another floating halo). Yes she is frightening.

  2. lol Chastity are really evil I always wondered what women had to do when the nature call

    Sabina is lovely in the middle panel

    • Inky

      Sabina will run away that is for sure.

  3. LOL Sabina hoped to find the same "special device" of the sister but it seems the angel was lacking, what a delusion for Sabi ! can't wait to read more!
    hey ...clowns at beach? XD

    • Inky

      The clowns were just a festive addition, but maybe they are good company to an angel promoting chastity.

  4. hey finally the mysterious girl has a name! :D
    and I'm glad to see Sabina left behind her last piece of cloth XD
    it seems there's another mysterious guy who will appear soon!
    this comic is really addicting!

    • Inky

      Thanks Mala! I never thought it could be addicting.

  5. These last comics are awesomely done! And Clara is cute I was hoping she get into the story.

    • Inky

      She will certainly have some involvement, you'll see.

      Thanks! I have been updating quite a bit lately.

      I am getting many visitors coming from Slimy Thief too.

    • by the way, very cool comments display

      • Inky

        Nested comments are now built into Wordpress, I only pretty much copied what I found on this site.

        I still need a to do a few cosmetic fixes, but I also like the new look.

  6. Angs

    Clara is cute. And i wonder who is the "young sinner" guy

    • Inky

      I originally intended to include the whole character in the frame, but maybe I was too tired to remember... It is a parodic reference to the phrase "young sinners" said on strip 12.

      • Angs

        Ah yes, i remember now, that sentence sounded familiar.