Off to the beach

The handy man | pool technician appears again.

Vespa lovers please forgive my poor rendering.

6 replies to “Off to the beach”

  1. u're very welcome
    were they all naked? but why did u change it?? :(

  2. Inky

    Angs: I know, but let's not ruin this with too much reality.

    Mala: You actually guessed right because they were originally naked. THe helmets are a last minute addition.

    I did use photo reference in my old drawings, but then used my old drawings as reference. Anyway, I am glad you say that if you own one.

  3. hehehe I almost guessed it!
    yeah some cop should show his billy to Sabina XD
    hey you did an awesome work on Vespas, I've one and is almost the same :)

  4. Angs

    Yeah but i mean...Being half nude in the streets...It's the better to have problems with cops.

  5. Angs

    Sabina never had problem with the cops?

    • Inky

      Of course not, she is a well behaving citizen. But who knows...