Sorry for ruining your party

Well, you may be relieved to know Ludo isn't dead! He's not alright, but he'll live!

Keeping you in the dark for a week was killing me!

As some of you have reported, there seems to be a problem with comic images randomly not showing sometimes! I am truly sorry about that! I only wish I knew what's happpenning.

19 replies to “Sorry for ruining your party”

  1. Weiser

    Oh, seems that Dominic has left two small but serious major issues in Sabina's house without any explanations ... :-/

    • Inky

      Well, he doesn't want to get caught! :)

  2. Sheela

    Heh, even when shot, Ludo manages to be polite.
    More and more, I'm hoping good things comes his way.

    Loved the vote incentive, Pearl is pretty, and strange too. :)

    • Inky

      It's funny how Ludo seems to be liked now, after being the prick he originally was.

      Thanks about the incentive! I was about to not post it. Yes, Pearl is kind of a mystery.

      • Sheela

        He was a prick, but he seems to actually being sorry about it.
        Also, he has gone to lengths trying apologize to Mar.
        In a way, he has redeemed himself, to some degree.

        Now, we can only hope he can keep up with this new way of his.

  3. Crono

    So, is this the last we will see of Dominic and his gang/family? :(

    • Inky

      Sheela is right, that's the last we'll see of them. Sorry!

    • Sheela

      Considering the comic is drawing to a close, I suspect so.

  4. Steve

    See? That's the sign of a good bad guy! Always thinking of getaways and extradition. ;)

    • Inky

      Basic requirements in his line of work! :)

  5. Bubbaclaw

    The "Am I in hell?" question was pretty funny Inky.

    • Inky

      Seemed to be the obvious assumption.

  6. No Ludo, you did nothing wrong, i was all Julian, again! And also, it's funny to see Dominic and his girls in casual clothes^^

    • Inky

      Haha, yes, I wanted him to get rid of those weird goggles.

      And it's kind of funny that you take sides with a character. I didn't expect that to happen when I started making comics.

      • I have sympathy for Ludo. He's a looser but, it doesn't matter ^^

        • Sheela

          He's a rependant loose ... which is kinda cuuute! :D

          • Inky

            I also like Julian, even if he screws up badly. I'm totally biased, of course.

            • Sheela

              Noooooooo .... you, biased ?
              Perish the thought !!!


    • CHaoS

      why do they look more casual with their weird clothes on?