Julian loses it


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  1. Nice throw, carny jewel thief dude. Dexterity counts.

    • Inky

      Yes, he's good.

  2. Forest

    Nice throwing arm Dominic! Wait, is that a jewel I see? Or is it just a random rock that is almost EXACTLY shaped like a rock...hmmm...very interestin...All I am really getting at is I hope Ludo turns out all right, oh and also I noticed I'm the only one whom seems to care that Alex is also in a bad position...do any of you care? -Forest

    • Kikonara

      It's a rock you dumbass

      [ADMIN: Kikonara and Forest are posting comments from the same IP address]

      • Forest

        Kikonara what did I do to you? You don't need to curse. I was just joking around.

        • Forest

          Ya its true e are posting fom the same email, but thats only becaue i have indeedly nosy roomies

  3. Sheela

    Jewel Thief to the Rescue !!!

    ... wait what?

    *hopes Ludo is allright*

    • Inky

      Wait, what? ;)

      You never know who the next hero is going to be!

      • Sheela

        Indeed ... who will be the next writer then ?
        Story of Devil Girl !?


  4. At least he shot in there and not at anyone else. Makes me hopeful for Ludo...

    • Inky

      Good point, he's not shooting at people.

      You'll find out about Ludo soon, I'm glad you have hopes for him.

  5. Manarax

    Still don't know about Ludo yet.

    • Inky

      You'll find out about Ludo on the next update.

  6. Manarax

    I agree with Lunaroki. Smarter not harder, much more realistic. Nice arm on Dominic, if he avoids prison he should consider baseball.

  7. Thank you Dominic!

    • Inky

      Heh, I guess he deserves gratitude.

  8. Kobra

    Well that was rather anticlimatic.

  9. Lunaroki

    I see carny guy takes the practical approach to heroics rather than the stupidly dramatic approach.

    • Inky

      He is a sane guy despite the peculiar looks.

  10. CHaoS


  11. Bubbaclaw

    *horn trumpetets* It's frizzy-haired man with rock to the rescue.

    • Inky

      He became the new hero by knocking down the old one.

      • Sheela

        Isn't that how hero's are always made ?
        The old hero become corrupted by power and needs to be taken down .. by a hero ?

        • Inky

          Corrupted by power... mh, this one was just drunk. But he needs to be taken down anyway, Dominic doesn't need curious cops coming.

          • Sheela

            Oh, and also :
            Better be drunk with power, than hungover with impotence!

          • Sheela

            Neither does Julian really.