Anyone could

Mar did what she could.

9 replies to “Anyone could”

  1. hartri55

    Is this comic ever going to be updated again?

    • Inkdolls

      Yes, I'm very busy right now, sorry about that.

  2. Anonimous

    Dude, your webcomics are FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR THE BEST ONE IN WHOLE INTERNET!!! I TOTALLY LOVE YOUR DRAWINGS! Your characters are charismatic. All of them. I love the way your stories unfold. The eroticism, the always present nudity in a so casual, sensual and teasing way. Internet if full of stupid porn comics that have nothing but genitals jumping on our faces, totally different from your comics. You know how to use nudism and nudity on the right measure. Male and female genitals appear when they HAVE to appear and it makes it much more interesting and sexy in its particular way that only you can do. Please, don't give up your work. It's amazing. You're far the best comics maker in the whole web. Your drawing style is amazing, SUPERB!

    I'm starting soon a webcomics, and it will envolve nudity, nudism, sexuality, drama and relationship among the characters. And you can be sure: your works are my first source of inspiration! ;)

    • Inkdolls

      Thanks very much. I'm not sure about the general writing part, but I try to improve and I'm happy when someone appreciates what I do.

      Best of luck with your comic, sounds like something I'd like to read. Let me know about it if you feel inclined to, I'm glad to be an inspiration.

      • Anonimous

        Ok ;) As soon as it gets ready to go online, I tell you. But as it is a novel graphic instead of a porn comics, the story unfolds a bit slower before comes to its sexual content. And I'll first finish the first chapter, before uploading it. I'm already on the second page and still don't know how many pages the first chapter will have. I started to draw it this Tuesday, and as it is a colorful comics, it may be a little slow to develop :/

        • Inkdolls

          Developing a comic is always a lot of work. Just have fun doing it.

        • Hey man make sure you post it in the comments so we can all see it. I'd love to read that too. Not enough comics with nudity that aren't all porn styles. My comic gets more shit for that every day as the times change.

  3. Jamie59

    So Mar you goin' to shake your booty for the camera?

    • Inkdolls

      Not as easy a decision as it wouldbe for Sabina.