The goldfish

11 replies to “The goldfish”

  1. Midgets attack!

  2. Steve

    XD Piscine metaphors!

    • Inky

      Uh, thanks for the correction, dropped the "e".

      • Steve

        :o I honestly didn't notice that, I was just remarking on such a wonderful turn of phrase.

  3. illyria

    did not see that one coming

    • Inky

      Actually, neither did I!

  4. Weiser

    "I am just the artistic director" - poor guy! But his little fellows seem to be the managers of the troupe.

    • Inky

      Or they are part of a more evil chain.

      • Weiser

        Guess it would be a rewarding task for Sabina to save the 'artistic director' and his girls from these evil dwarfs!

  5. Bubbaclaw

    Evil. Cool, but evil Inky.

    • Inky

      I know! Evil is invading this comic!