Out in the cold

If Mar had watched a Youtube video on lockpicking she'd be in for sure.

Well, this is the end. 18 pages... I didn't expect this story to end up so slowly paced.

THanks for reading! Thanks for commenting! Sorry about the site bugs (I'll post more information the main page)!

10 replies to “Out in the cold”

  1. ashtan

    Thanks for the updates. I’m glad that over the years I continued checking every now and then if your site is back.

    • Inky

      Thank you for coming back. It means a lot that people like you remember my comic.

  2. Piff Prufner

    If possible I'd like to see your other webcomic.  I'm working on my Castellano and it would be good exercise for me.  In any case, thanks for coming back to this unique ero-comic.  Somehow it's both titillating and respectful / affectionate to the characters.

    • Inky

      Sure, it's on http://malatinta.com. It's stopped for now because I haven't find a way to properly promote it.

      And thanks for your kind words. You describe well what I try to do.

  3. Jamie59

    It was fun to see the girls again. The pace didn't seam slow at all. Hope you get the bug to post more.

    • Inky

      Thanks, Jamie. I guess I should listen to those who say a chapter must be as long as it wants to be.

      I'm working to fix my site.

  4. HumalaDuck

    It didn't feel like a slow pace to me, it moved nicely.  Here's to hoping we get more Ink Dolls soon!

    • Inky

      Thanks for your input and comments. At some point I  thought it was maybe taking a bit too long.

      I also hope to resume as soon as possible.

  5. Steve

    Thank you for so much fun!  Endlessly fascinating to see what kind of crazy things these girls are going to do.

    • Inky

      Thanks for reading, Steve.

      This comic is always fun to make.