Crafty Sabina

If Sabina did it, then it's funny.

That's the letter Alex previously wrote alleging to be Mar's grandfather.

13 replies to “Crafty Sabina”

  1. "If Sabina did it, then it’s funny."

    Ha ha, i can feel Mar's frustration here.

  2. Seb

    Wonder if they'll untie her...

    • Inky

      They'll probably sit and drink tea and see if she can untie herself.

      • Steve

        Sure, wouldn't want to interfere with Sabina's plans. ;)

  3. Bubbaclaw

    I missed the 'been been'. When I read over it I only saw one. *shrugs* It's still a good update Inky.

    • Inky

      I missed it too, obviously, so thanks for being forgiving of those little mistakes.

  4. "been been" indeed. Grammar wouldn't be right with one "been" either. "What has been going on with him?" "How has it been with him?" "How is he?" Not quite sure what meaning you're going for here.

    Mar's bindings seem like they'd take all of 1, maybe 2 minutes to wriggle out of, if that. There's a lot of slack between her arms and the tree and there's nothing stopping her from bunching up the hose. Plus her hands are free, so it would be child's play for her to twist the rope around to the point where she could reach the knots.

    Is the ropework intended to be better, or is Mar not really trying to get out?

    • Inky

      Yes, that's what I meant. I appreciate your suggestions, but they were a bit long to fit in the bubble.

      About the hose, I'm sure that what you point out is true, but well, if you look at it realistically, Mar could have easily used her arms to prevent getting tied up and Sabina would have a hard time running fast enough around the tree several times pulling on a heavy hose.

      • "It's dramatic bondage, don't think about it too hard" is a fine answer too (that I forgot to include); I can't see how you could effectively tie someone up with a hose in rl anyway, since it's too thick to get it secure without it being far too tight.

        "What has become of him" is perfect, thanks for the update.

        • Inky

          Thank you. English is a second language for me, so corrections and validation are appreciated.

  5. One minus me

    I love your grammar errors! 'been been'

  6. Weiser

    Grandma reminds me somehow of Sabina ...

    • Inky

      Well, they are relatives, aren't they?

      Actually, lame excuses aside, not having done a good model sheet before starting this comic is one of my biggest regrets. All the young females (except a bit for Pearl) look too alike and also do Ludo and the uncle, Angel and Julian, etc.

      That's an error I wish not to make again.