The mathematical trap

You all saw this coming! And what's coming next!

I ruined the surprise by making it obvious that Sabina harbored wicked intentions. Well, sometimes deadlines play bad tricks when one is not very inspired.

But the short time I took off recently was good, I sketched a lot of pages, which will help resolve the upcoming events less confusingly.

18 replies to “The mathematical trap”

  1. Weber134

    This is my first comment so I hope it goes well.
    This is one of my favourite webcomics And I love the characters (especially mar and the little mouse that died :-( ) any way, keep up the smashing work mr inky and I hope you are feeling well after your hospital visit.

    • Inky

      It went well!

      I'm glad to be among your favorites and thanks for your words.

  2. Sheela

    I gotta say, tricking Mar with a math question is brilliant :)

    • Inky

      Sabina also played Mar's ego previously, so Mar would find cool to use her own slender waist to make her point.

      • Sheela

        Sneaky Sabina ! :D

  3. Daniel

    ha I knew it!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha
    I cant wait for the next one

    • Inky

      I have to work on becoming less predictable...

  4. Plymayer

    Mar's in trouble now! That naughty Sabina need a spanking.

    • Inky

      Any volunteers?

  5. Weiser

    Quite funny - an I did not anticipate the outcome.
    One remark: Sabina seems to be very big in the last panel compared with Mar. On second glance I am noticing that Sabina bounces around the tree with quite a bit distance to mar, so that her size is alright concerning the effect of scenographic shortening.

    • Inky

      Good observation. The foreshortening effect is not quite well achieved.

      And I'm glad you didn't anticipate this, which you would have by reading through the comments.

      • If the hose had been a little longer, it would have been a perfect spatial ratio.

        • Inky

          Yup! That was bugging me! The advantage of digital art is that a little "would have been" can be easily fixed.

          I also lowered the shadow under Sabina's foot.

  6. Seb

    I can't wait to see how this'll end... sure I can guess, but I want to see it. :)

    • Inky

      And I guess you're guessing right.

  7. Bubbaclaw

    So where is Sabina hiding the apple Inky?

    • Inky

      Haha, an apple would have looked rather suspicious!
      Sabina will be using her costume very soon.