Payback day

Sabina is being a bit too vindictive now.

12 replies to “Payback day”

  1. But why Sabina, why? Mar has the right to have fun too!

    • Inky

      Yes, I know, sometimes fillers like this don't work. But as mean as she looks here is not exactly what she really has in mind.

  2. Daniel

    dun dun dun... (dramatic music)

    • Inky

      Drama may be on its way.

  3. Steve

    :D Wacky hijinks!!!!

    • Inky

      Let her celebrate while she can.

      • Steve

        :o Uh-oh. That's ominous, too.

  4. Sheela

    Oh Sabina ... you set yourself up for an epic fail.

    And then, Mar's happiness will infect her, like a zombie virus!


    • Inky

      Interesting, but Sabina may be more resourceful than she seems!

      • Sheela

        She can be crafty indeed - but vicious enough to pull a nasty prank on Mar?

        And then there's Mar's ability to infect people with 'happy' - It could be quite difficult to resist for a nice girl like Sabina.

        • Inky

          More like cute and playful than vicious and nasty. But on this page Sabina does seems mean. Well, shit happens.

          • Sheela

            Oh, well cute and playful could be good. :)