We can't ride back

He gets the hint.

Too easy.But Mar likes the guy.

16 replies to “We can't ride back”

  1. Pantyhamster

    On another note I voted on your comic. Excellent pin up of Mar there. Inspirational stuff ;)

    • Inky

      Thanks PH, that image took me a few days to finish!

  2. Daniel

    well if the night out with the carny guys/robers that ended in dog persecution teach me anything is to expect things to go in an unexpected way so I say "good luck mar!!!"

    and as allways great job Inky

    • Inky

      Well, all I can say is there are still a few plot twist coming up.

  3. Steve

    :) She's willing to use a sledgehammer on him!

    • Inky

      Hahaha, if needed, yes!

  4. Pantyhamster

    Wow, I just caught up on about a years worth of your web comic. I missed out on a lot. It's been a very productive year. Nice to see it again, I missed Sabi & Mar. Anywho, enough about that.

    Seems like Sunny lucked out. Mar is great. But if time and your WC have taught us anything, it's to expect the unexpected. So I'm not so sure Mar will get lucky just yet.

    • Inky

      Well, its nice to hear from you!

      Makes me somehow miss posting my stuff.

      Yes, I've been busy updating since April, and the plot has got quite tangled. I'm glad you went through the archive.

      About Mar, it will be soon revealed if she gets lucky or not.

  5. Bubbaclaw

    I hate to say it, but we males all are that oblivious sometimes.

    • Inky

      We're hopeless.

  6. Weiser

    Oh. Hypnotic abilities ...

  7. Looks like Mar is going to get some loving at long last.

    • Inky

      At very long last.

      • Sheela

        Just how long ?

        • Inky

          Well, you know, I could make up a number just to answer that, but let's just say quite a while...

          • Sheela

            No, no ... I meant how *long* ?