Double date

It's date night! Lulu the stripper and Miss Lola 325 show up at Ludo's place for a weird doube date.

7 replies to “Double date”

  1. Weiser

    "Learning by experience" does not seem to be these girl's most distinctive talent ... :-/

  2. I'm curious about what will happen next.

  3. Sheela

    Uhmm ... how weird can this get ?

    • I second this remark XD

      • Sheela

        Do you think it could get *this* weird ?


        • Daniel

          no, that guy is too creepy
          but this is weird enough as it is and i'm sure inky will suprise us all with what ever this ends on he is cool that wey

          • Inky

            Well, Ludo is an intellectual poser and Julian is a loose cannon. They're indeed creepy, but not totally made of negative traits.

            Oh, and I am glad to have intrigued you.