The old album

Mar will not see Sabina's retaliation coming!

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  1. Hey there inky.

    Turned up from a link on another webcomic. And plowed through the archive in like three sittings. So yes, having grown up in a very mixed inner city neighborhood in NYC - Coney Island, with a lot of Latino flavor- the notes are actually pretty authentic. And your two heroines are just plain pretty.

    I've seen in the notes some folk have bailed. For whatever reasons. So be it. Not everything is for everybody. But it IS a webcomic and a lot of the fun is that a lot of it IS just plain loco. Despite a few complainers, I'm pretty sure the strip (or the stripping) is not supposed to reflect cold hard reality all that much. I don't think you mean to be taken too terribly seriously in the first place. If I want serious, I could just turn on the news or hit nytimes.com. Politics. Celebrities. The Economy. Serious stuff. Grrrrrrrr.

    So long as your characters are reasonably consistent, even if they evolve, they can be as crazy as keeps you amused to write and draw them. And there will be people who will be amused to read. Even if the strip is not quite as over the top naughty as its genesis, I think a LOT of us are having a whole buncha fun.

    Um... but don't forget the naughty entirely.

    Esta bueno!

    • Inky

      I'm glad you are liking my comic and I appreciate your insightful comment. I do try to add a touch of authenticity, without being too realistic or serious.

      And yes, sadly a few misunderstandings happen, but nothing that will derail my comic.

      Anyway, thanks, I appreciate your comment.

  2. Daniel

    just awsome, I wonder what will happen next!!! we have the robers, the little love storry whith mar and the pool boy, the grampa paintor, the killer duo (the "writer" and actor lover). Inky just awsome

    • Inky

      Oh, this comic is suddenly very complicated. I see you keep track of the ongoing plots! I couldn't summarize them better.


  3. Memo Juez


    Humour aside, I wonder what her childhood flashback is taking the story...

    • Inky

      Well, you will find out sooner or later. I'm glad you find this page funny.

  4. Steve

    :) I love the pictures of young Mar, Sabina, Angel, and Nestor. So authentic!

    • Inky

      Thanks Steve! I am glad you like the pictures and recognize them.

      • Steve

        Who wouldn't? Especially the photogenic Sabina, and the slightly mischievous Mar. :) Such a ham!