Like a goat

(last panel edited to reduce monstruous sizes)

10 replies to “Like a goat”

  1. Sheela

    Mar has to be cautious, or it'll be her that gets impaled on that monster !

    • Inky

      It's not that big, it's just perspective foreshortening.

      • Sheela

        u-huh ... said like a man, you're not the one that gets stuff stuck into you !

        ... or maybe you are, but then I'm not sure I'd wanna know about it!

        Anyways, judging from her hand, it's at least two hands wide in length, that's pretty darn big in the real world.

  2. chumash99

    How much do I love Pearl? Let me count the ways... ;)

  3. Weiser

    Ohoh! Pearl is a pretty kinky fellow.
    "Be prepared!" - Is she a former pathfinder?

    • Steve

      Prepared? She's armed for bear!

      • Kelly

        I think that's "armed for bare".

        • Inky

          Either way, heh.