Drama on the horizon

7 replies to “Drama on the horizon”

  1. Sheela

    Well, she tried at least.
    When in truth she just wanted to go to the beach and skinny dip.


    Or perhaps have an ice cream with some friends.

    • Inky

      I like the first option... But ice cream is nice too!

      Ha ha yes, she tried.

      • Sheela

        Maybe both !

        Skinny dip, and then icecream while sunbathing. :D

  2. Steve

    :) It was a fun strip though, Artist. Thanks!

  3. You make your own fonts? That's nice, the handwriting "effect" is pretty good.

    • Inky

      It's easy really, I scan, vectorize and import as glyphs in fontforge. My fonts are kind of crappy, but making them is a lot of fun.

  4. plymayer

    I like the "comic bookie" type font to show it's her writing.