Two way talk

9 replies to “Two way talk”

  1. Weiser

    Be a gentleman, Néstor!

  2. Saddust

    Well, nice li'l ass anyway. Finally a comic not kid-dedicated (^v^)

  3. ...are the last few strips in the right order? I'm lost.

    • Inky

      Yes, sorry it is confusing. Between the last two frames Néstor is supposedly telling Clara that there is no discussion, she is the one who must always grab the beers (in order to see her naked butt).

  4. Sheela

    His payment comes in beers ?

    • Inky

      Her payment comes in... kisses, or whatever means of trade...

  5. Steve

    Well worth the cost! :D

  6. Vulcan

    Interests and benefits! Lol! Also known as "The power of pussy" :-D

    • Inky

      I found the expression interests and benefits by accident a few minutes before posting this and just had to include it.