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  1. I really prefer those new strips you made since your break. Mainly because it goes somewhere, less random situations, and more plot. Also more characters developpement. For me, it's all improvement. As for the adult themes...Well they can be a plus but your webcomic can live without them.

  2. You're growing as a writer. That happens. Lots of writers would like to bury their first million words or so but when they're out there, they're out there, especially on the internet.

    Don't get discouraged. Just do the comic the way you feel it should be done.

  3. Vulcan

    Frankly I grow weary of web-comics that are always wholesome and family friendly. I'm an adult. I prefer adult themed comics. Personally I don't see anything wrong with your first strips. Sure they were wild and a bit over the top but that's what made up their charm. Now think about this: How many web-comics that are mainstream started out with stuff that the artist doesn't care for now? Tim with CAD hates that he started with breaking the third wall. Rayne with LICD probably wishes he could re-do his original (Rather crude) line-art drawings of his early strips. Do you see these people changing what they started with? No you don't. Instead they evolve their comic over time, turning it into something that is really special. If you start their webcomics from the beginning and read through you start with them floundering to get a foothold, and then you see them get up steam and take off on to the hundreds of comics they have now.

    I look at your first 100 comics as you trying to build up steam on your stories and build your characters. I also keep reading because your stories are getting really interesting, and you are one of the few artists who isn't afraid to depict some nudity or a sex scene in your comic (VERY rare)

    Ok, I've rambled enough. My vote: Changing the first 100 would be akin to da Vinci scrapping the Mona Lisa because he didn't like her smile so much after all. Please don't change them.

  4. Weiser

    Oh please don't mutilate this comic and don't bereave yourself the fun of doing sexy images. I like your vanilla pages from the beginning and I like adventures, but most of all I like the combination of both!
    I think Sheela is right: "Cleaning" the first part of the comic would clean away most of your character's unique charme and a big part of the story's special appeal. You are a master of ecchi, I only can recommend: Stand by it! I think your comic ranges in a fine tradition of some excellent french graphic novels.

  5. Sheela

    I think one of the reasons why you think the sex in the first pages feels "wrong" is because it's often portrayed without any emotions attached to it, which is not how it is in real life. In real life sex is usually the culmination of a raging torrent of emotions.

    Emotions are damn hard to portray in art, without making them flat or cliché.

    Again, I say don't redo the old stuff, you'll just end up using much time and effort without moving the comic forward. Instead make new stuff and use the old stuff as lessons to move on with. There's a better sense of accomplishment in that. :)

    On the other hand, I don't think you should just drop it either, then you'd end up with a feeling of unfulfillment, which can be one of those thing that'll nag you to death. Finish it off in it's own oddball way, and then move on to another project.

    • Inky

      Yes I pretty much feel like what you summarized in your last comment. Thanks.

  6. daniel

    I think your comic is awesome and all that has hapend is that you realised it had more potencial than you first thoght... but i do not think the first part had anithing wrong, other great storys have change their form and chacter development along the way(like dragon ball the anime for tv). so kipit up and don't worry.
    P.S. sorry about the grammar i'm from mexico and not so good a writer

  7. Kelly

    Honestly, the gratuitous sex was a large part of what attracted me. Plot is good - but if I want some deep story with careful analysis of moral implications, I'll go read something by Ayn Rand or Gabriel García Márquez. The thing I liked most about Sabina was that she just didn't *CARE* about her nudity. So, whatever you do, please don't take down the first 100 strips!

    I did think, however, that poor Pearl is getting short-changed here. Ángel is being a bit of a jerk!

    • Inky

      Thanks for the insight Kelly. Your observation about Ángel's behavior has been noted.

  8. Sheela

    Instead of redoing the first 100 strips, leave them as is, and use the next 100 as an experimental playground.

    And for gods sake, don't sanitze the sex from it. We already have a million-and-one webcomics that squeky clean, despite the fact that sex has a huge place in our lives. We don't need more of those, and frankly, they tend to get dull and tame very quickly.

    A webcomic is usually story driven, with moments of passion to color it. Be it gratuitus sex, or raging violence, does not matter, it's both passion in high gear.

    So, keep this comic as a playground to test out new techniques on, and meanwhile start slowly writing the backbone of a good medium length story for your next webcomic project.

    That way you'll end up with the experience to execute a good story, and a story that you have had the time to work and polish on for a good time.

    On a sidenote :
    Trying to explain how you draw something is HARD ... showing it to them by capturing it on a video and then add some comments along the way is much more fun and intuitive. ;)

  9. Well I'm finding that some of the best new webcomics are sex comics like Oglaf - so don't feel too bad about having at least some sex, gratuitous or otherwise, in it.
    The early stuff was sometimes unrealistic - but I found that was part of its charm. It gave the comic a surrealistic feel.

  10. Man I agree with you. You really turned the tides of this webcomic. It has another feeling to it now, and I'm really enjoying it!
    And I know what you mean about the 1st 100 pages. The characters background were built there, ppl react differently to how they are acting now. But you can always split it in seasons. Showing that the comic has a new proposal now.

    I wonder where did you post those 3D tutorials. I'd love to take a look.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Inky

      That was odd, when inspiration finally came back after a few months gone, it was like I wanted to do another comic. Oh well...
      (And you're right about making a clear split)

  11. chumash99

    "It's a raging stampede of words! And I forgot to call Sabina!" How much do I love Angel? :) And I love this webcomic, as well! Please, don't shut it down; I would miss Sabina's antics and Mar's common sense. ;)

  12. Plymayer

    Don't end it now. It's been fun so far. And improving as of late with added character depth and developing story.

  13. Steve

    Well, gratuitous sex is -always- welcome. But I like the story development. Sexy, fun characters who also have personalities? How can you go wrong? ^_^