She had it coming

7 replies to “She had it coming”

  1. Weiser

    So the question is: Did Mr. Talvolta share another copy of these photos or is the danger for Mar over?
    If the policewoman gives Sabina her hat and her colt Sabina has something to cover her body ... ;-)

  2. Fuzzy

    Did devil girl give Mar the USB drive or just show it to her?

    • Inky

      Mar took it, I should probaly fix that.

  3. Yeah, it really had to happen XD

  4. Dragonrider

    Honestly your Honor, the only reason she arrested me is because I have a nicer butt that she does. If you would like to compare them in your Chambers I'm more than willing to co-operate.

    • chumash99

      Ha! The "Nicer Butt" defense; beats the hell out of the "Twinkie Defense". :)

  5. Steve

    *gasp* The long arm of the law finally caught up with her, eh? ;)