Gentlemen are extinct

6 replies to “Gentlemen are extinct”

  1. Saddust

    Why less porn ? Almost all other WC are for kids, and anyway you're good at drawing it ! Keep it up ! Btw, "Ouaisss" means "Yesss" !
    Greetings from France

  2. Mutt

    geee can't wait for the next pages! :) keep up!

  3. hehe suspense ending eh?
    can't wait to see how it will turn :)
    you gave us a lot of amusement with your story, a perfect mix of hilarity, mistery and sexyness XD if want to put less porn I can understand you, I am still thinking about its presence in my comic. Btw...
    ..happy holidays my friend!

    • Inky

      Thanks for your words (and likewise!). I don't hate the porn, but I pretty much shot me in the foot because even if this is relatively mild, my desired options are limited.

  4. La suite, la suite ouaissss o/
    (translate this :P)

    See you in 2010 with more funny stuff and climaxes ^^

    • Inky

      Ouaiss faut pas traduire.

      I just hope to do better with less porn.