Not a good time, Pearl

7 replies to “Not a good time, Pearl”

  1. Nekronoth

    Yo. I found this site through H-F and this is awesome. You draw very well, even if the plot is a bit fishy at places and sometimes jokes fail to hit me.. ^^

    Continue doing good work.

    • Inky

      Well, thanks for the honest comment. I'll see what I can do...

  2. Vld

    She should just join them in the bathtub!!

  3. What LOL? She still without the shirt? How long it passed from the time she lost it?

    • Inky

      In our human time, several months. In comic time, only one day!

      After your topless drawing, she pretty much became the topless character, like I didn't dare to change that... Weird.

  4. glib24

    Pearl is really pretty, and I'm saying that despite her being topless.

    • Inky

      Of course she is, too bad she has a nice body.