Tactless Angel

Adding insult to injury, Ángel exhibits such a lack of tact that even Mostaza calls him a jerk (no, that’s not true, Mostaza didn’t talk, he is an inanimate object!).

4 replies to “Tactless Angel”

  1. Ah! the bear can talk!

  2. in some circumstances even an inanimate object talks...or maybe is our mind that believes they talk... btw Mostaza never lies!
    I notice lately you are very productive, and I like it :D
    how can you do it??!

    • Inky

      Mostaza never lies? First notice haha, but I guess you are right!

      Yes, I am surprised. To beat late year unwanted commitments, I wanted to make several comic strips to be covered, and got carried away. I have a lot of updates scheduled in advance now.

  3. Conflict, that's what a good slice of life story needs!

    I agree with Mostaza.