Not a pimp

Sorry! He is not a time traveler pimp, just an eccentric performer.I wasn't planning on ever bringing the devil back, but looks like this will not be the last we hear of her. Or her troupe, which by the way originally didn't exist, but a troupe of performers would explain those clowns seen at the beach, in case that had to make any sense.

2 replies to “Not a pimp”

  1. I'm catching up with the updates! What a trip, those guys are everywhere!

  2. hahah I laughed when I read the title XD
    I had to expect that he was the leader of a travelling troupe... this explain the clowns...
    but what do they do at the beach? are they in pause from work or planning to do a summer show on the beach?
    hey I'm glad to see that cute devil girl again!
    really high quality page! I like the work you did on colors!