Orgy beach

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  1. Very cool expressions on the last panel. I believe that Mar can be very naughty when she unleash herself(naughtier than Sabina)

    • Inky

      He was originally just making a pucker.
      You may be right about Mar.

      • Inky

        Oops. Answered the wrong person in the wrong page...

      • Inky

        It is derived from a painting I made (and sold) quite many years ago. It appearently caused some controversy in local newspapers somewhere during an itinerant exhibition, but I never knew what the fuzz was about.

  2. Ah ah i don't believe you Mar! And i like Angel's remark.

    Well i can see you've changed your coloring, it looks like more like mine actually.

    By the way your RSS feed works well on my browser

    • Inky

      Can't you believe she has warm blood?

      I was pretty sure feeds work ok, but thanks for the report.