Double surprise

This is the surprise the uncle mentioned to have in store on before.

On the timeline only one day has passed, but it has been monts since I published that strip.

5 replies to “Double surprise”

  1. Inky

    Ok, that makes sense now...

  2. So abstract, as for example : She-Hulk (yeah like her), she is from 70's with all 70's references(cloths, hairdo president of USA). Now her stories has current references and they consider her firsts adventures like they was loong ago. But she didn't aged a bit herself nor the other superheroes.

  3. Inky

    Um, superheroes? Character abstract timelines?

    Mala, on the next strip it will look like you read my mind!

  4. Timeline of comic character is something abstract. Not to mention superheroes

  5. I wish I had a rich and big heart uncle too! :°°°
    I hope they will use them to lounge around all naked XD (but with helmet, safety first!) it would be cool!