I need privacy

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  1. Inky

    Yes, the first panel sounds really suspicious.

  2. Sounds Sabina is not telling the truth >__>

  3. Ah poor Mar! It's certainly one of my favorite character...With Sabina they don't even seemed to be of the same world.

    By the way, Mar wasn't supposed to see a pet or sçomething that nobody can see except her?

    • Inky

      The pet is the white mouse, which the others don't ever see. It is meant to make further appearances in the story.

      Oh, it looks everybody is registering to gravatar!

      • Yeah, now the Doctor is watcing you ah ah.

        Well, i wonder why Mar can see that mouse and the other don't...Is it an imaginary friend or something?

        • Inky

          I can't tell you yet. Anyway, interesting thoughts about the characters.

  4. Or she is just a lonely woman.

    Dawn this strip has a killing cliffhanger!