The cutest ass

I know, the open drapes are a continuity error from the previous strip. I made this one years ago, I keep shuffling and inserting panels all the time in a rather improvised way. Anyway, I love this strip.

A few people have requested me to allow comments and I intended to, but my Comicpress is so messed up that comments caused strange things to happen. Hopefully I fixed that.

4 replies to “The cutest ass”

  1. hehehe when guys saw Mar's ass those pieces of cloth magically lifted! XD
    another great strip!
    cheers from your biggest fan XD

    • Thanks for your comments and theories.

  2. Spanky

    Not a continuity error since there is enough time (conceivably) for Mar to open the shades while Sabina takes off her cousin's pants.

    Though I cannot come up with a good reason of why she would do it.

    Great Comic

  3. Mar got bold with that last line! Love this strip too!