End 04

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  1. (private)

    There appears to be no contact mechanism on the site except for public posting. Could you please add a separate form for posting private messages to you, for those of us who would like to ask questions but not publish them to the entire world, or who might like to hire you for commission work?

    • Inky

      Done. It was only hidden, actually.

      I'm in the process of restoring this site. Slowly.

      Thank you.

  2. HumalaDuck

    It's great to see you back, Inky! I'd wondered what became of you. What fun and wondrous things have you been up to since "Ink Dolls" ended the first time? And, apart from this Director's Cut updating, what else have we to look forward to from you?

    • Inky

      Please check back later. I'm going to post a preview of the comic projects I'm working on, besides a possible continuation of this one.

      Sorry I'm not active blogging and announcing things. Thanks for your interest.

  3. qwertytarr

    I remember reading this comic a long time ago and loved it. Now I see you are changing it (which is great), but is there a place that has all of the old comics?

    • Inky

      Not for now that I know or approve of.


  4. ashtan

    Nice to see this again. You changed quite a lot (or I forgot enough to think it new at least).
    Is June 5th 2009 really the correct date? I could have sworn this site had been down for several years and didn't have those pages before then.

    • Inky

      You have good memory!

      The dates are from the original archive, I am making changes to the first half of it.

      Since the second half will be reverted with little change, with the original dates, the first part needs older timestamps. It's kind of a forgery, but the site uses dates to keep the order of pages.

      I hope that answers your question and thanks for your comment.