Haven't you heard?

You might remember that Mar lent money she had got from the photoshoot to Sabina, to cover the down payment when she moved out with Clara.

I had an irk like it was a real thing that Sabina had to pay back.

Also, Clara's attire is inspired on the drawing that Tailsteak sent to me. It's a little sign of appreciation.


Maybe some day Pearl will appear like in the drawing too.

6 replies to “Haven't you heard?”

  1. It's always nice repaying good fanart with an outfit cameo!

    • Inkdolls

      I appreciate the few ones I have received.

      • Yeah you're past due for some from me. I think I was planning to before two hiatuses ago..

        • Inkdolls

          Oh, thanks for the thought! That would be awesome, but if you ever do, the best time would be on a recently started chapter, because I do tend to go on hiatus when ending one. The last time I got a gift it was right after I had stopped posting and I felt bad for not being able to give that person some visible acknowledgement.

  2. Weiser

    The activist in here is Mar, no doubt!

    • Inkdolls

      Maybe someday. On this comic anyone can become an unwilling activist.