Everyone's bad day

Well, this is goodbye for now, none of my comics will be updating. Have a happy summer | austral winter.

I hope to come back soon.

Thanks for reading, for every one of your comments, private emails, and bug and typo reports.

12 replies to “Everyone's bad day”

  1. Jonathan

    You are coming back at the end of summer, right? This is a great comic and I'd hate for it to end.

    • Inkdolls

      Not sure exactly when. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Weiser

    Awww ... again going cold turkey on Inkdolls ... Have a good time and don't miss Sabina's inspiration when it comes!

    • Inkdolls

      Sorry. Gotta try other stuff, no vacation.

  3. plymayer

    Have fun.

    See you when you return.

    • Inkdolls

      You too. See you.

  4. Matt

    Happy Summer. I'm going to miss you but I'm glad you get a break too!

    • Inkdolls

      You too. Thanks for reading.

  5. Jamie59

    And the egg strikes again.

    • Inkdolls

      It's worth pondering if the pleasure it gives is worth the destruction it causes.

  6. man, summer vacation is dumb when everything goes on break!
    Oh well, that just means a good time for reruns. I should go back and refresh myself.

    • Inkdolls

      I wish. Anyway, sorry about that.