Look who's back!

Julian plays Ludo's wingman during their stripclub escapade.

5 replies to “Look who's back!”

  1. Sheela

    The interesting bit is .. she actually cared to remember him.
    Considering how many men she probably see wander trough the club on a daily basis, that's interesing in itself.

    • Inky

      Well, as I see it, he had been there one day earlier, she recognized him as a famous person and he was very rude. All that combined would actually make it difficult to forget him!

      I know, many details to retain.

      • Sheela

        I had forgotten that it had only been one day in the comic. That does make a whole lotta sense then.


  2. Steve

    :o Mr. Author's got some *moves*...when assisted.

  3. Even if the scene occurs in a gloomy strip club, the situation is kinda...Cute :p