Your adored cousin

8 replies to “Your adored cousin”

  1. Steve

    No worries, Inky. I've seen some comics that have mansions with more rooms than would fit in a small town. :) Yours have been pretty reasonable.

    • Inky

      So far: Grandma's room, the girls' room, the boys' room, the secret room and the TV room. The grandmother had some kind of studio in the first pages too, but all in all, it's not a mansion by any means.

  2. Sheela

    Personally, I don't worry too much about furniture moving about.
    Only if I have to move my own furniture around ... it's sooo heavy!

    • Inky

      Yes, moving that heavy sofa around can't be good for the boys' backs.

  3. Weiser

    What can we learn by this? It is important to observe the order of the conditions in negotiations!

    • Inky

      This comic always teaches good lessons.

  4. Hi have the same problem with my places...Furnitures are moving from a panel to another, rooms configuration changes... it's a mess... we should make a "blue-print" of each building we draw :p

    But i'm pretty sure most of readers don't really pay attention for this (hopefully!)
    By the way, it seems that Angel decides for two (him and Nes) since Nes doesn't talk that much.

    • Inky

      Well, some TV shows have sets that not even the dumbest architect would build, so I guess people is tolerant to those details.

      And yes, I guess Néstor wouldn't be the most assertive guy around his brother.