Take me in!

6 replies to “Take me in!”

  1. Dragonrider

    @Sheela What would really have been interesting is if Weirdo #1 decided to see what Weirdo #2 was looking at face down in the water and they both drown

    • Sheela

      Heh, yeah ... stranger things have happened for sure.
      I once heard that a man managed to drown in a small puddle in the middle of a road.

  2. I like the "night atmosphere", especially on the last frame.

    • Inky

      Thanks, night scenes are being a bit difficult to get right.

  3. Spy

    Man this comic rock´s! You know it! I´ve been off line... but it´s awesome to check it when I get the chance!

  4. Sheela

    Aw man ... he could have just stood there and watched the man die .. now *that* would have been unusual.

    Still, it'll be interesting to see what this ends up as.