Our primate legacy

12 replies to “Our primate legacy”

  1. Dragonrider

    Those two are either A) Gluttons for punishment or B)Dyed Blonds. Take the scooter and boogie for home leave this crew of crazies for their own crew of crazies.

  2. Steve

    "Get lost, dogs"? That works?!? :D

    • Inky

      Ow, that came out silly... Well, I am always open to suggestions.

      • Steve

        :) Nah, I'm being too critical. I'm not sure what'd be better. If *I* were chasing away some dogs who'd "treed" my friends, I might very well use that phrase in the heat of the moment.

  3. Sheela

    Half nekkid girls to the rescue ! :D

    I wonder why they just happened to come by ?

    • Inky

      The best way to be rescued!
      Maybe they drove guided by all the barking.

      • Sheela

        Oooo ... that's actually a good idea.
        All that barking would have attracted someone's attention. :)

  4. Wow i feel sorry for your friend, dogs should really hate him XD

    • Inky

      He's a dog magnet.
      He and I did have a scary experience on a lonely country road at night, but that was nothing compared to all the bad luck he has had on his own.

      • Taiming

        Dogs can sense fear it makes the more aggressive.

        • Inky

          Oh, scary. At least I got a fact accurate. Thanks.

      • Ha ha, we all know someone like this ^^