Mar's weird reaction

Mar is probably disappointed of the police for not taking Sabina in.

5 replies to “Mar's weird reaction”

  1. Sheela

    In panel two, neither Mar nor Sabina are the naked ones !!
    The world is coming to an end - The sky is falling !

    AaaAaAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh !!1!

    • Inky

      Let me finish my comic, then feel free to end the world.

  2. Dragonrider

    This is about the only adult themed comic that has any plot to it, the rest that aren't locked behind a paywall have gross explicit sex and the stuff I have seen behind paywalls is more than and bit "exotic" seems a polite word to use. This is a mix of comedy, suspense interspersed with Sabina or one of the others letting their libido out for a play in public session. The first 100 pages were super and these are even better.

    You mentioned you did tutorials on 3-D programs, where might I find one that is of the Daz for dumb dummies level?

    • Inky

      Sorry, my 3D tutorials no more exist. I used to make my own models with Blender.

      Anyway, thanks.

  3. All is on purpose, even saliva issues :p