Sabina's new underwear

4 replies to “Sabina's new underwear”

  1. B

    "30 pages without hard cocks or spilled cum."

    Yeah, I'm still waiting to see what happens with Angel and Pearl from last week.

  2. Dragonrider

    Lets see they are in the back of a truck going where, why do I get the feeling that the fruit loop ex is somewhere ahead of them. Also if Sabina is an actress why isn't her agent running in and out looking for her?

  3. Steve

    *laugh* Sabina has to wear clothes sometimes, chumash99. Otherwise the nudity would get...boring? Eh, not *that*, but, you know, not as special. ;)

  4. chumash99

    OMG! Sabina is wearing a dress! And are those--*gasp*--panties????? Who are you, and what have you done with the real Sabina? :)