Job offer

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  1. Ha ha, that was hilarious XD
    By the way i see that solar panels become trendy all over the world :D

    • Inky

      Glad you found it funny.

      When I created the uncle a few years ago, he wouldn't be selling solar panels, or the pool guy have a flatscreen.

  2. Steve

    Switching porn with...well, just about anything, is a recipe for disappointment for both parties. :(

  3. Qalypso

    Pool man makes minimun wage part time. Fashion is for rich people with pretensions. Rest of us make our own fashion, after a fashion, if you know what I mean.

    Pretty girls/boys can be comfortable in their skin! Heh...

  4. Sheela

    Pool man has a pretty odd sense of fashion !

    • Inky

      He was just comfortable in his home wearing the old pink trousers his mother bought him.

      Actually... Yes, I know, I sometimes just use random colors generated by the multifill filter.

      Oh, guess what... he was a bit embarrased and changed!

      • Sheela

        Aww, he doesn't have to change clothes just because of a comment ... heck, we all have tried washing our white stuff with a red shirt and ended up with pink underwear.

        And if he did it on purpose, then maybe he just had strange fashion taste ?

        • Inky

          When something doesn't add up, I make changes, no big deal.

          I changed a dialog on page 157 too, from your comment.

          • Sheela

            I know, I noticed that.

            I'd say that as long as it fits with your story, I reckon you're the boss around here. I just don't want you to feel like you're obligated to do so, in order to make your readers happy.

            Remember, it's your comic, your story and it's mainly for your enjoyment that this comic exists. :)

            Besides, sometimes a mistake can be had fun with.
            After all, Mar already thinks that he's gay, so the clothes would just have made her even more sure of it! Shenanigans abound!

            Anyways, your comic, your choice ! :)

      • Steve

        I like your style, Inky. And a good response. :) Mistakes happen, and you're not ashamed to fix 'em. Part of what I dig about your style.

  5. Plymayer

    Time is relevant.

    • Inky

      Not sure what you mean, but yes.