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Please tell me it's not true

As I mentioned in the previous page, I'm going to be posting two new webcomics with totally new universes and characters, an action fantasy comic about five women and a different kind of comic about a young woman, her dreams and her friends.

I hope you will enjoy them and I'll see you in the comments.

Thanks for reading and thank you for all your kind comments, you make me laugh and think.

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Update 17-Jan-2016

Well, looks like I should update this page a little.

I don't have a lot to say, but the last time I wrote here I said I wouldn't be back, but a burst of inspiration I had over a weekend resulted in me posting again. I skipped one update but I guess that's not so terrible.

News for December 2015

Ink Dolls will not be back on it's regular schedule. I'm very sorry for making such a short lived comeback.

This doesn't mean I will not update again or start other projects

I'm glad I got a few readers and their comments at all, I appreciate that very much.

The site now works using my own minimal backend, so there are many bugs lingering that need correction. The comment form is especially tricky, because I have to curb comment spambots constantly hammering the site while at the same time I try to avoid annoying features like captchas.

I just found another bug that may have prevented quite a few genuine comments to go through, and I'm kicking myself for not correcting it sooner. I know I'd be angry if that happened to me and I don't know where to start apologizing.

Other projects

Well, I actually have another fun comic, not the adult type though, that has enough pages to run for a year, but there's no English version of it online.

I really wanted to launch today and not leave any gap in posting comics, but there's an issue that requires the reply from the administrator of the site I want to host it on, so I'll have to wait.

Thank you!


After more than four years of absence I'm back to posting. At least one short chapter.

This is kind of a "Book 2". I'm doing it wile I gather enough material to start a new comic site.

I'm glad this site doesn't run on Wordpress anymore! I just hope it'll work reasonably well.