30 Oct 2009


(July 2013)
Well, a new update on this site revision.

I’m terrible at blogging and posting news. I’m still not sure what to do with all the new material I have

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  1. This is a great comic. I love the bottomless erotica that occurs. Too bad it has ended. Please I would love if you come and check out my webcomic that I just launched last October! http://binarymooncomic.com/

  2. Fred Stoll

    Is this the end?

  3. Sheela

    Whoa … it’s been ages since I checked in on this – I thought it had ended !
    Never saw any comments on w ether or not there were new projects / comics in the pipeline either, which made me sadface.

    Still – Good to see that Inky is still alive and kicking. :)

    • Inky

      Thanks, I’m glad you remembered to stop by.

      Actually this comic did end and was offline for a long time. I brought it back with most of it missing. I had the unwise idea of fixing things, which became slow work.

      As for other projects I’ve been working on, there are a few samples on the blog link.

      So yes, I’m alive and kicking and actively doing new stuff. I just can’t say for sure when I’ll be posting any of it… sorry.

      • Sheela

        Oh. Well, I was hoping you had started a new comic or something.

        If you ever do, remember to make an update on this page as well, so us oldtimers have a chance of finding it too. :)

  4. Admiral Halsey

    Any news about the comic?

    • Inky

      No news, Admiral, sorry.

  5. Lunaroki

    I suppose by now you have probably already noticed that the comic no longer goes all the way to the end of the series but instead stops at the end of Chapter 7? Also, comments and comics seem to be out of sync.

    • Inky

      Oh, I remember comments you made back in the day, some of them made me laugh!

      About the missing pages, it’s not an error. I’ve been in the very slow process of redoing the first part of the comic.

      Regarding comments, I know many of them are now on the wrong page. Correcting that implies messing with the database and I’ve been putting that off.

      At any rate, thanks for stopping by and sorry this site isn’t back to normal.

      • Lunaroki

        Nah, it’s okay. Thanks for explaining what’s going on. I’ve missed this comic since it ended, and getting to trade jokes and stuff with you. What’ve you been up to since back then?

        • Inky

          Well, I’ve missed posting comics.

          Unfortunately, I haven’t really posted anything since then. I’ve been working on a few other comics. You may find a few samples on the “blog” link.

          • Lunaroki

            Pretty cool stuff in the works. Can’t wait to start seeing some of it online. :) Good luck with the reworking of the comic. Try to let us know how things are going once in a while, okay?

  6. Ah ah! seems Mar is stealing the show from Sabina :p

  7. Yorp

    bahahaha awesome =)

    • Inky

      Bahaha thanks.

  8. LOL! love the uncle’s expression! XD

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