22 Oct 2010

Our minute of fame

6 Responses to “Our minute of fame”

  1. Sheela

    Aw, the vote button is not working, I get a 404 – file not found error. :(

    • Inky

      Um, I don’t know what can be wrong, it does work for me.

      If neither of these URLs work, then I don’t know what the problem could be.

      Sorry about that.

      • Sheela

        Ah, seems to work fine for me now.
        Maybe it was their webserver that had problems ?

        Loved the pixie getting it on too.
        and that male knight is flying on Trogdor, isn’t he ? :)

        • Inky

          My reference was Gustave Doré. His knigts ride on hippogriffs, not dragons though.

          • Sheela

            Ahh … well, all is well that ends well. :)

            And now they get to go on adventures too!
            Just like Tiffany and Peonie do in Exiern.

            Well, except that Tiffany is really a man transformed into a woman … details, details ..


  2. Sheela

    Oh man, those two are just sooo wrong.
    And they get even worse when they are together!

    And it’s just the right stuff for a good story.


    • Inky

      There’s a chance for redemption, but for downfall as well.

  3. chumash99

    Julian is in dire need of industrial-strength therapy. Somebody call Dr. Phil, stat!

    • Inky

      Industrial strength therapy may not be enough.

  4. That guy is far too casual about gun safety.

    • Memo Juez

      I think “Gun Safety” is the least concern of the suicidal, obsessive maniac, Julian. Inky is portraying him correctly.

      • Inky

        Okay, thanks for your comments. You both have a valid point.

  5. Weiser

    The actor’s face on the 2nd panel is awesome. I almost do like him … 😉

    • Steve

      Even the worst villain has some good features.

  6. Damn, Julian is a bit sick…a bit… -__-

    • Inky

      Unfortunately, he is.